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Here there be opinions

How to lose a fanbase in under 10 pages

These are the few rants I wrote in a fit of...whatever emotion I mustered at the time. Sadly, I have a myspace (Like most emo bastards) and so any ranting will more then likely be blogged.
You can find my MySpace HERE but Im not there a lot, so dont expect many more rants.

Theory of the nonexistance of time Whoa...deep. Time doesn't exist. heres why
The government is wierd.  I like pie. theres no pie in this rant, but nonetheless...mmm...pie.
The meaning of life  What is the meaning of life? Damned if i know but you can read some crap about whatever I wrote...I don't remember so good...

You're not a homewrecker. You're a FAT homewrecker.