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Comic Gaming
The Comics

Be they funny or stupid (more often then not they're stupid) all my comics lie here.

::Comic Series::
          The following series are funny because I made them. they are HILARIOUS and I will STRIKE YOU WITH A LEAD PIPE if you doubt that, even for a moment. Because god created Illustrator and satan created Tripod. I simply combined them with CATASTROPHIC RESULTS!!!
Metal Gear Solid :  Leaves itself wide open to be parodied. i cant refuse. Now in its second season! 
Gamerz : Adventures in the life of...ME! Mwahahaha

Law & Order : Special Videogames Unit  - Can You help officers snake and link solve this dilly of a crime?

         The following comic(s) have been cancelled because I either got bored or lost the development files.
Metal Gear Chibi: Chibi version of metal gear? You have my attention!!!
Go then...there are other worlds then these...