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Comic Gaming

Places to go that arent here.

Davias:(Thats me) @ Myspace is a huge community. I didnt realize I had a MySpace until I stumbled across it. Its nifty if you want to meet people. even if you dont, its all good.
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People I dont know, but dont hate:
The Snake Soup - Fortified With Metal Gear Goodness!
The Snake Soup was closed for a while, but they've returned in all there reptilian glory! Metal Gear info and all that good stuff. Fun for the whole family, assuming they have a sense of humor and aren't easily offended by language. I want to get a reputation as a reputable webcomics artist. so i go to GameFaqs and less than subtlely pimp my site all over the place. but apparently thats against the TOS so i need a new way to advertise...
8 - Bit Theater the famous webcomic that inspired me to start making my own webcomics. Parodies the infamous original Final Fantasy.
Guard A - I swear a carboard box just ran by!
Guard B - Lay off the meth, man, its bad for you're eyes...