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Comic Gaming
Slightly less crappy video game parody comics then before,

Preapring for the revival.
This month marks the one year anniversary of my employment at EB games (Now Gamespot) and the one year anniversary of the last time I updated the site! A few things have changed since then...
For one, I am now the assistant manager of my store. It's nothing big, but it's stable and it pays the bills. Hopefully, I will be able to start updating again soon and can continue the comics more regularly than once a year!
Also, my game design ventures have taken me into the realm of what I would have thought impossible a year ago. I have a seperate site for my games, but soon I'm going to consolidate all my content onto one real site. (A "Dot-com" if you will) now that I have some cash to get started.
No comics today, but I hope I can continue my work before long.


So, I hear my stepmother come into the house today 8 kinds of pissed off. She slaps down a handfull of job applications and yells at me, telling me to fill them out. I tell her that I applied at EB was was practiacally guaranteed a job. She informs me that she nstopped by EB and they said they werent hiring. So, pissed off, I took off in my newly repaired vehicle to yell at the manager.
Imagine my surprise when I discover that the reason there were no positions available, was because I had already been hired. whats more, my stepmother didnt bother to mention my name when she came in, negating any validation of her actions and voiding her findings.
Everyone here is acting like I made the whole affair up. Like I didnt catch her trying to ruin me behind my back. The lack of trust in this house is palpable to the point where I can get in trouble for being falsely accused of lying....fuck it, enjoy you're comic....

Working for the week....end.....
I applied at my local EB a few hours ago to rabid response. I'll probably be hired on as a temp, but once they get a taste of my me-ness, they wont have the willpower to fire me. My car is done, and now its time to get back to living, instead of simply existing.

And lo' it went forward.
For the last 2 months, my car has been broken. Broken and sitting in my driveway leaving me jobless and trapped in my house. Well, at long last, it is now capable of going forward. I havent checked to see if it can go backward, but I fail to see any situation where I would need to.There are still a few tiny little things here and there, but It should be squared away and back to the way it was by the end of the week. Happy me. So happy, new comics two days in a row. including the first GamerZ comics since ' 04. Don't get used to it.
Also, we have a new URL for those of you who dont care for the Tripod name.
I wouldn't click. It will just knock you back to the title page...
I reset the counter cause the numbers were all from back in 2004.

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck. Its an update?
So, i got bored and completely redid the sprites I use for the metal gear comics. theyre kinda spiffy. different, and a little too pastel, but I like them so suck it!
I posted 3 new comics in the Metal Gear series.
I cancelled the Quantum Geek comic because the plot contradicted the game.
I took the games off the site. theres a new site just for the games.
I'm writing the new case for Law and Order. dunno when it will be up.
Im thinking about doing a complete overhaul of the site graphics. But Im lazy so blechaahhh...

Newest Comics:
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    Metal Gear : 41
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    Gamerz : 15
    Chibi:  2
    Metal Gear : 8

None of these characters, places or events are owned by me. I am simply paying homage to the greatest games of all time. All characters, places events and nouns of that type are the property of there respective owners. Its Fair Use. Although the actual images themselves are mine (c) 2004 ~ 2006 Chris Commo